A memorable night in TV

Oh Dave!

From the quick, let’s-get-down-to-business monologue to the wonderful conversation, all the way up to Dave’s gracious escort to the ‘Color Purple’ opening, last night’s Letterman-Oprah reunion could not have been more fun to watch!

I was smiling from ear to ear almost the entire show, and even welled up a little at the moment that Oprah appeared on the stage and the audience rose to its feet (something I actually envisioned in the days leading up to the show). And then Kates and I sat glued to the TV as the flashbulbs popped and Dave and Oprah made their way across the street.

The biggest night in television? Maybe. At least one of the most memorable for sure.

Here's another story from the Chicago Trib.

ADDED 12.03.05: Oprah's 'Purple' Ploy Puts Letterman in the Pink

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