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Last night after Kates arrived home from work and we prepared to sit down for 'How I Met Your Mother' (...which was a rerun, but still HA-larious by the way), she told me she had heard a promo on the radio for (cue majestic angel chorus) 'Coldplay' on 'Austin City Limits' starting this Saturday, Dec. 17. (Check your listings) ... Aw yeah!

Better yet, Michael Stipe, of REM, will make a guest appearance and join the band for a rendition of one of my all-time favroite REM tunes, 'Nightswimming.' ... can I get another aw yeah!
"It's a tremendous honor to play Austin City Limits, one of the grandest music showcases anywhere in the world," said Chris Martin, lead vocalist, Coldplay. "It's a humbling experience knowing that we're sharing the same stage as performers like Johnny Cash and Neil Young who have had such a big influence on us as a band."
... Get more of the details here, and check up for further shows here.
Entertainment reads ...
a I've never been a big 'Simpsons' fan, but I think learning to say 'D'oh!' in Arabic would be fun.
a Eurythmics come back from the vaults with real treasures ... I've never been a huge Eurythmics fan either, but I do like a few of their songs, and for that this story made me smile.
a ABC says West Coast will no longer have "stale news" in evening ... ah, good for the West Coast, I guess.
a Peter Jackson creates a satisfyingly sure-handed update of a movie classic ... Ok! Ok! I admit it! ...I want to see King Kong. I thought the trailers looked like as thought it would be another horribly overhyped bust. But I've read too many good reviews in the last few days to make me think otherwise ...

Baseball reads ...
Here's more on the Red Sox decision to hire two GMs ...
And what is fast becoming one of favorites sources for baseball info and of course the Red Sox, The Providence Journal offers two very interesting (and comical) perspectives on the mess that is the Red Sox these days...
Also see:
Sacramento Bee/Mark Kreidler: Fine signing, but all hinges on Mr. Bonds ... who I wish would do Hank Aaron and anyone who has any minute passion for baseball a favor and retire.
Baltimore Sun: Orioles may be left with one option: Deal Tejada ... And I say 'Please deal him to the Cubs!'
Many at home with cheating ... if you can make it through the entire thing, an interesting (and comical) anthology of home advantages (ahem... cheating) in sports. And who knew? Apparently baseball is notorious for it.
...And in the amazing category: Skydiver survives fall, gets baby surprise

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