Ah, the winter meetings

Let's bask in the relief, Cubs fans. We now have a legitimate leadoff man and centerfielder -- Juan Pierre -- one of the pesky fish that sank Chicago in the 2003 NLCS. A career .305 hitter and 57 stolen bases last year -- we'll take it!

Hopefully now Hendry and Dusty can forget about talking further with Milton Bradley (why? why? why! ... they should talk about clubhouse chemistry and fan-friendly players before they think about Bradley) ... and say "So long Corey!"

Meanwhile... Sucks to be the Marlins: Marlins fans can blame themselves

Also from SI Extra (I love it!):
"If you're an AL West pitcher, hide your eyes. According to SI's Tom , who's in Dallas attending baseball's winter meetings this week, Manny Ramirez's latest 'trade me' request is by far the firmest he's given the club over the past three years. And the Sox are actively trying to move him. 'My guess as to where he winds up: the Angels, his first choice, in a possible three-way trade that would bring the Diamondbacks' Troy Glaus to Boston to play first base,' Verducci says. The potential of Ramirez and Vladimir Guerrero in the same lineup would certainly take some of the buzz away from the Blue Jays, who continued their preholiday spending spree yesterday by signing free-agent righthander A.J. Burnett to a five-year, $55 million contract.
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