The difference between winning & losing

Well, Favre lost another one today.

Watching Packers games around here lately is becoming more brutal each week, and today it was even more stinging in that it was a low-scoring, turnover-ridden (actually, we’ve become use to that) loss to the lowly Bears. Once again, down just 7-12, the Packers were in prime position to put up a go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth -- until Favre hastily launched another one right into the hands of Nathan Vasher.

I say stop all the complaining about Mike Sherman’s coaching, what we’ve got here folks is a Favre problem. It’d be a feat, indeed, but take away a Favre interception or turnover from each of the Packers losses this season and the green and gold could very well be battling the Colts for the best record in the league. …I’m serious. Sherman should put Packers fans and the receivers out of their misery and bench Favre.

It’s a lost season. You gotta start looking to the future. I dare you Mike Sherman -- play Aaron Rogers next week.

* * *

I’ve never been a big football fan -- except when it’s a team or game I’m truly interested in or fascinated by -- say the Packers, the Colts, or lately the USC Trojans …With all the buzz about USC and their chase for a third-stright national championship, I’d been meaning all season to turn on a Trojan game, but house chores and other activities kept taking precedent …

Finally, with little else to do and some relaxation on my mind, last night’s game couldn’t have been more pleasing to watch. Talk about a dazzling team -- and a dynasty-in-the making for college football. … and yes, Reggie Bush is THE man. His Jordan-esque fly to the end zone (picture above) in the second quarter just might be one of the coolest football plays I think I've ever seen.

* * *
Saving the best for last ...

The most exciting football game in my mind this weekend was one few people saw or cared about unless you live in the Kansas City area or, for some odd reason, made a road trip to Florence, Ala. Since I qualified in neither category, I was left listening to this game via the internet.

In thrilling fashion, my most beloved team, my alma mater, the Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats are heading to their third national title game in eight years, their first since the thrilling quadruple overtime win in 1999 (and might I add, one of the greatest college football games in history ...)

Reminiscent of Ryan George's back-of-the-endzone catch that brought the 'Cats all the way back in '99, Josh Lamberson connected with Raphael Robinson with 23 seconds left in yesterday's game, and left the Maryville broadcasters I was listening to speechless. ... Trust me, if you're at all a Northwest fan or experienced the '98-99 seasons, you know what that feels like.

... and while I'm at it, God bless the big wigs for NCAA Division II football who had the foresight to create a playoff system that ends with a clear-cut national champion. Whoever created all this BCS crap could learn a thing or two …

Saturday, Dec. 10. 3 p.m. My living room TV with ESPN on the screen. Watching the Bearcats. That's where I'll be.


Anonymous said...

How dare you call yourself a Packer fan and say to bench Favre. The real problem began in the offseason when they decided that they weren't going to resign their two guards. Now they are playing two nobodies and the blocking has been horrible for Favre all year.

Also, he has no one to throw to since Walker got injured. Driver is ok, but beyond that no receiver they have is reliable. I haven't even got to the runningback situation yet. The problem isn't Favre, it is everyone else, he is just trying to help his team win.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that football team at your alma mater ain't too bad. They even made SportsCenter's top 10 plays. Next thing you know they'll be beating a Big Ten team. Or even Illinois.