Before tonight's A.I., I said aloud that I'd only be shocked if either of the Davids went ...

And it ended up being Brooke ... Oh, sweet, adorable Brooke.


Her style was too tame and indie-ish for me to ever truly believe she could win the whole she-bang. But it was that same style that had me admiring her big time from the first moments I heard her Carly Simon-ish voice (who, by the way, gave her a big endorsement today). I've rooted for Brooke more than any other contestant in my measly two seasons of Idol-watching ...

My first thoughts after she was eliminated tonight were I can hardly wait to get her album.

(And for the record, I barely care about "Paula-gate" and all the conspiracy theories. It was just another amusing moment of Paula being Paula in my book.)

* * *

... I spent $40 filling my little tank of gas today. Kates spent $50 on hers ...

... Makes my memories of complaining just a few years ago of $1.20-a-gallon gas in Independence, Mo., seem really distant ...

... It also makes me think of my favorite gas-related political cartoon of all-time. Every time.

* * *

I returned to my office space yesterday. Had to get back some time, I've been telling people.

I had 432 e-mails to sort through. Yeah.

* * *

I got started with a story about Sheryl Crow's tour swinging through the region and spent some time pulling up some good stuff on YouTube ...

Here's Big Hair Sheryl singing "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" with Michael Jackson on the "Bad" tour. Classic!

I also stumbled across this cover of "All I Wanna Do" from English singer/songwriter Amy Studt. I kind of like it ...

* * *

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