Sunday reading

Some of the good reads that caught my eye over the last week ...

Tech stuff ...
a Apple expected to unveil a new iPod
a Is Facebook the New MySpace? ... I'm still finding my way on this whole Facebook stuff. And I still like MySpace better ...
a MySpace could lift ban on commerce

Entertainment ...
a Britney reportedly earns $737,868 per month
a Watch out Lindsay! Daddy’s coming to visit

Media ...
a Katie Couric to Report From Iraq, Syria
a It's back to basics for Katie Couric's newscast ... Now they're thinking over there at CBS. I didn't buy their schmaltzy "new and improved" newscast for a minute. The traditional format doesn't need tinkering. Just give me the news of the day straight up with a couple heartfelt human interest stories and that's all I need ...

Baseball ...
a Stretch run turns into a stress run for fans ... Got that right. I'm feelin' it this year.
a Charles Albert Comiskey II: 1925 - 2007
a Knocking at death's door with no answers: Amazing that '05 champs have fallen so far, so fast
a Guillen's rant is sent in the wrong direction

Other stuff ...
a Mining Our Treasures: An 1872 Law Paves the Way for a Rush of Claims in the West
a Enter the world of Sokolow
a A wave of disapproval greets Cardiff surf statue
a White House Vet Ari Fleischer, Back to Fight for The Surge in Iraq
a Out-of-body experience created in labs
a Big Mac marks big birthday
a Study Predicts More Severe U.S. Storms ... Scary

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