Movie night

Some Applebee's takeout. Another heart-wrenching Brewers loss and Kates and settled down last night to watch some movies ...

We started with Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ... Um, yeah. Not nearly as fun as watching the first one. Johnny Depp was just as comical (particularly HA-larious was the bit with Capt. Jack becoming a native god on Pelegosto), but the plot soon got tiresome with almost too many details to guage. Kates and I were all but tuned out after the first hour ... And that whole Kraken thing? ... I hate watching movies with special effects that are so fake-looking and laughable it's gross.

Finally, Pirates ground to a halt, and we flipped through the channels ... and landed on TBS for its 1 millionth and one showing of "Serendipity" ... Yes, Serendipity, a movie that Kates and I saw in the theater. One of those that I might shamelessly consider one of the most charming movies of all time. A movie that we willingly watch over and over again. A movie for which we own (and adore) the soundtrack. It's one of those movies that tends to make us well up at the end ... And so we watched it again.

And finally ... we watched the "The Wedding Date," which we'd caught on the DVR earlier in the day ... Not exceptional; your typical cute little chick flick, starring Dermot Mulroney and Debra Messing -- who by the way I want to add to my list of famous people I'd like to have lunch with ... And the best line: After Messing, playing Kat, tears down an Air Supply poster to hide her apparent admiration for the '80s pop duo, she mutters under her breath, "Everyone knows their greatest hits but some of their lesser-known ballads are surprisingly poignant." ... nice!

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