Yep. It's still cold

... Public schools were canceled for two days here because it's so cold...

... And there was this from David Letterman's monologue on Monday night:
...The U.N. conference on global warming has been canceled.
...It's so cold out Pesident Bush sent 20,000 troops to Al Roker's house.
...It's so cold the Statue of Liberty is holding her torch under her dress.
...It's so cold Prince was singing Purple Snow.
...It's so cold out Bears quarterback Rex Grossman is happy to be feeling the heat.

... As an editor reminded me this morning, it was just six months ago that we were sweating it out in an unbearable 98-degree heat -- a temperature difference of 110 degrees compared to Monday's low of -12 ...

But, my editor pointed out, it could be worse ...
... It was minus 69 degrees in Oymyakon, Russia on Tuesday.
... It was 112 degrees in Telfer, Australia.
... Mexico, N.Y., is digging out from 57 inches of snow, including 26 inches in a six-hour period.

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