The party's over

... So Peyton's finally got his Super Bowl. Good for him ... There's hardly a player in the NFL right now who's more deserving and likable.

... Kates and I have got the local news on now and we're watching all the coverage of fans in full Bears garb crying in bars. And the sports guys are analyzing the game and interviewing the Bears players ...

All the while, the station is scrolling text messages from Bears fans on the bottom of the screen. Some examples...

... Go Cubs! Sorry Rex
... Rex is the Colts MVP
... Grossman needs to fall into a hole and stay there.
... Once again we left Rex in too long
... Trade REX
... Grossman Goodbye
... Rex started. He was never good.
... They need McMahon back
... Bad Rex, Bye Rex!

Hmm. Interesting. But I hardly think Rex Grossman is the reason the Bears lost the game, although he did toss a costly Brett Favre-like interception ... It's too bad, because no matter who won, the quarterback of the losing team was going to be blamed, even though both quarterbacks have played well and carried their teams to this point.

The Colts just flat-out played better and they capitalized on on their possessions. That's it. Game over. Colts take the trophy.

* * *

The best commercial of the second half was by far the Budweiser crabs! ... A sea of crabs find a cooler on the beach and the camera zooms out to show thousands of craps surrounding and bowing to the cooler filled with Budweisers ...

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