Sunday reading

Some of the good reads I found from the past couple weeks ...

Sports ...
a MLB wants balls kept in temperature control ... 'bout time.
a Owner explains Bonds' new contract to fans
a Hank Bauer dead at 84
a Bears fan prepares to become Peyton Manning
a Brett Favre says he will play in 2007
a 30,000 and counting: ESPN's SportsCenter still going strong

Music & TV ...
a LPs? Hold that swan song -- Several innovative bands may be demonstrating how the rock-album concept can retain its relevancy in an ever-evolving digital world.
a Network patience (yes, it exists) pays off -- Four sophomore series -- 'Close to Home,' 'Supernatural,' 'Bones' and 'How I Met Your Mother' -- benefit from careful nurturing.
a 'Heroes' saving NBC
a The hot button of a casual embrace -- Interracial relationships abound on TV now, but they're often colorblind. How real is that?
a Josh Holloway on his bad-boy 'Lost' persona
a The 10 worst Super Bowl ads of all time
a General Motors to edit robot ad ... Seriously?
a Where a lack of talent is its own reward
a 'American Idol': Point/Counterpoint
a Web site builds links to music connection
a Music Preview: Symphony celebrates Gibson, Robinson, Aaron
a Apple Revs Up Ad Attacks on PCs, Vista

Politics ...
a Putting 9/11 into perspective
a Many young Bostonians think city overreacted
a Obama's kickoff is steeped in symbolism

Everything else ...
a Intrepid armchair explorers -- Paper maps are a cartographer's view of the world, whereas digital versions in Google Earth, Google Maps and Microsoft's Live Search Maps are sophisticated collages -- moments captured by satellite and airplane cameras and blended to create a digital world that's irresistible to armchair explorers ...
a What Drew Us to Anna Nicole?
a How Smith's death hit Page 1

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