Sick and tired

... So I came home sick today.

... I knew when I woke up this morning, something wasn't right. My head hurt, my entire body ached and I was having dizzy spells. But I never get sick. Surely, it would wear off once I got up and got into my morning routine, right?


I went into work and thought I could gut it out. But it was quickly apparent when my aches weren't going away and I couldn't concentrate on a darn thing that this wasn't my day. And by noon I was back home.

I promptly took some medicine and was laid out on the couch the rest of the afternoon.

The good news?

I got to catch up some a couple movies I hadn't seen.

First up: "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" ... I'm a fan of Cameron Crowe's stuff, and it seems like I'm constantly hearing about this film under the light of being culturally significant. So when I caught it on the TV grid a few nights ago, I set the DVR to record it ...

The verdict? ... eh. The characters are fun. I had a good time picking out some of the young stars (... Forest Whitaker! Whoah! ...), but I didn't get what makes it so special compared to all the other '80s flicks out there ...

Next up, "Napolean Dynamite" ... Another sort of cultural phenomenon, I know a lot of people who either love or hate this movie. Turns out, I didn't think it was as mind-numbingly stupid as some people say it is ... Then again, I didn't think it was an amazing piece of work either.

Truth be told, my disabling sickness might have played a factor today. Because I kept falling asleep, it took me two tries to get all the way through "Fast times" and four tries to get through "Napolean Dynamite."

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