Ice, ice baby!

Today’s forecast: Bitterly cold with some sun. High: 5 degrees. Low: -8 degrees.

Holy crap!

… Leaving the warmth of the house has never been harder -- it’s painful, literally -- but we had to do it today. Kates had to pick up her car from the auto shop, and I some errands of my own to do.

Again, painful. The air is bursting with this bitter, unforgiving cold. I went out, bundled from head to toe, my face, ears, fingers, toes were still numb and hurting within moments of getting out of my car …

And that wind … I was driving through the Menards parking lot when I caught a glimpse of a guy loading a bunch of Styrofoam panels into his truck. As he tried lifting one of them, a gust of wind sliced the panel in half and slammed it against the back of another car.

And it’s supposed to be like this until Tuesday?

I think I might be too sick to go into work …

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