Barry Bonds doesn't get it

From SI's morning newsletter ...

Tom Verducci says this season might not be the last hurrah for Barry Bonds. "Given Bonds's strong intention to extend his career into his mid-40s--he turns 43 in July -- it is inevitable that he will exceed Hank Aaron's record 755 home runs, and maybe by a lot," Verducci says. "His agent, Jeff Borris, has raised the notion of 1,000 home runs. Commissioner Bud Selig and much of the rest of major league baseball will hold its nose and salute Bonds with as little enthusiasm as possible. As one baseball executive put it when it comes to the weariness of all things Bonds, 'Barry just doesn't get it and never will.' He points out that Bonds is so out of touch with reality that he has tried enlisting Selig -- of all people -- to lobby Aaron, a longtime personal friend of Selig's, to show more public support for him, especially when it comes to a blessing of the new record as legitimate."
I think I'll go throw up now. For more click here.

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