About those Ben Folds tickets …

If anyone read what I said last night about having to stop everything Saturday morning for a chance at getting a pair of tickets to the show -- yeah, not gonna happen …

Listening to the Mix on my way home tonight, they were promoting ‘Miracle’ again and slipped in a plug that the tickets were already available to Mix Insiders … and I thought, ‘Hey! I’m a Mix Insider!’ … Got home, logged onto the Mix Insider web page, picked up the password and a few minutes later ... Bam! I had two tickets to the Dec. 16 ’Miracle on State Street’ show featuring The Fray, Alanis Morissette and Ben Folds with host Tommy Lee.

On with my weekend …


* * *
I’m not sure that Wisconsinites could have woken up to a better bit of sports news this morning … No, Reggie White isn’t coming back from the dead to help the dreadful Packers

My all-time favorite baseball player -- Robin Yount -- is coming back to help coach the Brewers

From the Brewers Web site: In a major coup for an organization that has tried for years to lure back its most prolific player, the Brewers named Robin Yount as the club's bench coach. The club made the announcement at a Friday morning press conference at Miller Park.

They already lured Dale Sveum from the Red Sox. Now if the Brewers management could get back guys like Jim Gantner, Paul Molitor, B.J. Surhoff, Greg Brock, Mike Felder, Rob Deer ….ah, the glory days of the ‘80s Brewers.

* * *

Seriously. Can it get any more worse and embarrassing for the Bush Administration?

'Can I quit now?' FEMA chief wrote as Katrina raged

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