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I had my first listens to 'The Corrs: In Blue' on Saturday night and listened to it a couple more times tonight before the Colts-Patriots game. ... This album is, without a doubt, so much better and more fun to listen to than 'Talk on Corners.' Beyond that, the lingering thought in my mind is how much the pop and harmonic vibe of a lot of these songs reminds me of another good band of sibling musicians -- the Carpenters. And I mean that in a good way ... 'In Blue' is a great album.

(Hey! ... don't knock the Carpenters! ... I'm proud of my range.)

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A random collection of fun and interesting reads ...
a Pastel Witnesses: Sketch Artists Andrea and Shirley Shepard Are Happy to Do You Justice, Although You Might Lose on Appeal -- a very cool and somewhat hilarious look inside the world of courtroom sketch artists.

a Amateur Deejays Find a Niche on Live365 -- the future of radio?

a Horsin’ around: Dakota Fanning grabs reins for ‘Dreamer’ -- I know it sounds crazy to say this about a kid, but, as this article points out, Dakota Fanning is arguably one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood right now, and I've watched and loved just about everything she's done since 'I Am Sam.' ... Let's just hope Dakota doesn't grow up to be some low-down Lindsay Lohan. ...

a Tragedy doesn’t derail Dravecky -- If you're a baseball fan of the '80s, you know the amazing story of Dave Dravecky. This is a cool update on where he is 16 years after the abrupt end of his baseball career.

And finally, some more Bush cartoons to brighten your Monday ...

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