Good reads ...

Some good reads I've collected over the last couple days ...

a Ants nibble at hospital patient’s eye ... there are few better ways to start a day then driving to work and hearing the DJ's on my favorite radio morning show talk (and crack jokes) about stories like this one.

a Curtain call of crucial characters ... a list of one Chicago Tribune writer's favorite characters currently on television.

a Trey Anastasio begins anew after Phish

a Anniversary of John Lennon's Death Looms

a "The OC" looks to indie bands to give its storylines an emotional punch

a A legend signs off ... Ted Koppel will leave TV news on Tuesday by replaying one of his most beloved 'Nightline' segments -- a profile of Morrie Schwartz. Should be good.

... and finally. I've never been a fan of Johnny Cash. I have, however, always been a fan of Reese Witherspoon, and reading these reviews actually makes me want to see 'Walk the Line.'
a Two rowdy lead performances enliven Walk the Line
a The Love And Lore Of The Man In Black
a Witherspoon walks away with Cash biopic

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving you old man! What, are you scared to put a picture the big Me and Eddie on the Summerfest page?
I'm enjoying the blog -- don't they give you enough writing to do at the Kenosha News....