Watching the American Music Awards

My thoughts tonight as I watched the AMAs ...

… Could Mariah Carey have been wearing any less clothing? At least she apologized for her opening number sounding so bad.

… even while he’s sold millions of records, Rob Thomas still might be one of the most underrated musician/songwriters of our time.

… Lindsay Lohan!?!?! HA!! I could hardly stop laughing all the way through her horrible performance. If anyone in music producer land is reading this -- Please! You have GOT to be kidding me! Pull all of her records from the shelf NOW!

… I was about to say Hillary Duff had some talent … until I started suspecting she was lip-syncing.

… we’re almost half way through the show now, and let me just nominate Cyndi Lauper and Sarah McLachlan for the sweetest, most pleasing performance of the night! Surrounded by an array of stringed instruments, McLachlan’s signature voice combined with Lauper’s crooning added a whole new dimension to “Time After Time.” …. But I have to agree with Cedric, man. Seriously. The big wigs almost wrecked the performance by showing the whole thing in black and white…

… I’ve never caught on to the Santana craze. All his guitar riffs sound the same to me.

… What’s up with Michelle Branch’s red hair!?

… And what’s up with all the country performers!? They already had their awards show last week!

… Paris Hilton gets my nomination for best dressed of the night. She looked hot AND respectable. What a novel idea!

… The Rolling Stones performance was … ah …good?

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