'Rent' check

Let’s face it … the weather outside was rainy and crummy. Kates and I had been bickering for most of the afternoon and then I lost her in Target.

Then we saw ‘Rent.’

The two of us walked out of the theater bubbling with smiles and, well, feelings of love. I simply said, ‘Awesome.’ Kates added, ‘Yes. I think we will be owning that on DVD.’

Chris Columbus couldn’t have put together a better film version of our beloved musical. His vision and interpretation of Jonathan Larson’s script and music was spot-on. Having most of the original cast act it all out makes it even more worthwhile. In a nutshell -- the film version of ‘Rent’ was everything I had imagined and dreamed it would be. … it’s just too bad it ranked fifth on this week’s box office list.

What’s more, Columbus put new life and refreshing spins into scenes and lyrics I hadn’t cared for previously. I loved the depiction of ‘Tango Maureen’ with Mark and Joanne doing the tango in a spiffy dance hall and Maureen parading around them in a slick red dress. The choreography of the gang on a subway train during ‘Santa Fe’ was very cool. And Joanne’s and Maureen’s engagement party ‘Take me or Leave Me’ spat scene was among the most comical of the film.

Even the cuts and alterations were hardly noticeable. The voicemails weren’t sung, but the lines were there and we still got to hear Roger and Mark’s deadpan ‘speak’ at the opening of each message. And sure I fretted last week about learning that ‘Goodbye Love’ was cut from the film, but seeing it now, I’m not sure how the number would have fit and Columbus’ take on Mark and Roger doing ‘What You Own’ helped us to the flim’s climax just fine. It wasn’t until a few hours after seeing the film I realized ‘Contact’ had been eliminated. But then again, I didn’t see where it belonged in the Broadway version.

It seemed almost every review I read for ‘Rent’ the last few days had a critic complaining that Columbus’ vision wasn’t far enough out of the box, or imaginative enough. … I, however, wouldn’t have wanted this ‘Rent’ film to be portrayed any other way.

* * *
In case you missed 'Desperate Housewives' tonight .... it was bye, bye, George.

But my favorite scene? That would have to be when Bree saw George singing' Don't Give Up On Us Baby' on her front lawn, stomped up to her bedroom, pulled a shotgun from under her bed, loaded it and shot off the speaker of George's van. HA-larious!

Oh and 'Grey's Anatomy.' Still no contest. Best show on TV. ... need more reasons why?

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