Oh no, T.O.!

So Terrell Owens apologized today ...

And we should care because ... ?

I echo NBC's Brian Williams (Yes, even the national news networks called T.O. out today...how cool is that!) when I say how much I respect the Philadelphia Eagles organization for stepping to the plate and basically saying guys with the lack of respect and class that Owens has shown don't deserve to be playing, let along being paid millions of dollars, in pro sports. I hope the guy never steps on an NFL field again.

Who am I kidding though. Some owners just can't stand to lose games, and money, and somebody, somewhere will probably find a place for T.O. on their roster ... it's a cruel and unfair world we live in.

* * *
Speaking of NBC news and Brian Williams ... they announced on their broadcast last night that the network's nightly newscast is now available, for free, in its entirety on the Internet. Not only is that a smooth move for news-lovers everywhere, the country's No. 1 newscast is distancing itself even further from the competition. If that's enough check out the newscast's blog and its continued evolution ...

As a man in the business, I take the utmost pride in watching and reading the news each day, and staying informed and educated on the world around me. And the news agencies that continue to break ground and find innovative ways of presenting the news are the ones that really thrill me and I aspire to be a part of ...

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