Rapture Day

So much for the world ending yesterday ...

I was in sweet slumber until about 10 a.m. and woke up to the adorableness that is Phoebe at my bedside, shouting "Daddy, wake up!" while she flipped the covers off of me and tugged at my leg. The sun was shining, too.

I spent the bulk of what was a gorgeous Saturday in The 'Ville working in our yard. Mowing, trimming and really starting to set the stage for what I hope will soon be a yard full of colorful gardens. I told Kates when I finally came inside Saturday night, "Working in the yard this weekend, I feel like it's officially on."

I stayed outside to clean up some brush and watched as the sky turn ominous in the west. ... Sure enough, we were hit with a good thunderstorm, and a tornado warning about an hour later.

But nothing materialized. And the world didn't end.

If there was any punishment to be issued, Kates and I got it overnight -- in the form of Phoebe refusing to go to bed and then waking up nearly every hour of the night. I woke up with a headache, and Kates was concerned enough about Phoebe that she convinced me we needed to take her to visit a doctor ...

So we scrapped our church plans and instead packed the car for a day in St. Joe. Kates and I had hoped to do some shopping this weekend anyway.

The doctor confirmed our suspicions that Phoebe had attracted another case of strep throat. Third time in the last four months! ... Not to mention she was coming off yet another ear infection. The girl has spent far too much time on antibiotics and prescription medicine this last year. Don't get us started on the lack of cleanliness at her preschool.

Oh, but the shopping was good. ... From our family time with Toy Story 3 Friday night to today's road trip, the gorgeous weather throughout -- it's been a wonderful weekend.

Even better, the world didn't end.

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