So I had a weird dream last night ...

I was in a journalism class being taught by Mr. Brown. It was in my college journalism hall, there were about 30 people in it and the only person I recognized was my supervisor and mentor sitting next to me. And up at the chalkboard was Mr. Brown teaching the foundations of newspaper reporting, old-school. His legendary aura in the room was clear.

Soon the bell sounded, signalling the class was over and the crowd began filtering from the room. As we entered the hallway, the environment was suddenly that of a high school hallway. Crowded with students moving between classes. Suddenly the president of my university appeared around a corner and approached Mr. Brown, who was now standing in the doorway and watching the flow of students in front of him. As I looked back, I saw Dr. J greet Mr. Brown with a pat on the back, as if to say "You did well" in life.

Just then I heard my full name, but nothing else, called over the school's intercom. I knew it meant I should report to the office for something, but I shrugged it off because the message didn't provide any details. Unfortunately, sometimes, that's my nature. I tend not to react to things unless I have some certain details to go on.

I arrived in a barely full classroom. It was a math class. I entered from the front of the room and passed the teacher, who was standing in front of her desk, on my way to a seat near the back of the classroom. She returned a test to me. In the dream it was implied that I took the test recently, and I had a sense before she handed it to me that I hadn't done well. ... Weirder yet, the teacher handed the results of the test back to me written on one of Phoebe's stackable toy bowls. And I couldn't read the teacher's Sharpie scribbles on the bowl.

Once I was seated, the teacher called out my name as if she wanted me to come to the front of the mostly empty class. I didn't respond and kept trying to make out the writing on the bowl. Now, another woman was standing at the front of the room, and it was implied she was someone I was supposed to leave with.

Again, the teacher called my name. Again I didn't respond. Eventually, the teacher passed my desk and said something like put your gloves on, it's time to go ... As I looked down to a pair of suede gloves lying atop my backpack on the floor ...

Kates called my name, "Mark"

"What!" I snarled as my eyes jerked awake and I sat up to see Kates.

Wish I knew where that dream was heading.

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