The Worst Pitching Performance Ever

I haven't been a very good baseball fan this season. I can count on one hand the number of baseball games I've watched so far.

I've not watched one game in its entirety. My job is demanding, and I've been consumed with settling into our house.

But tonight we got Phoebe to bed at a decent time, leaving us with some extra TV time that didn't involve Mickey Mouse, Giselle, Dora, Woody's Roundup Gang or the Little Einsteins.

I turned on the TV and found the Royals-Indians game. The Royals were already down 3-0, but it was only the fourth inning.

I picked a bad night to watch the Royals.

Within minutes the Royals were trailing 17-1 and Vin Mazzaro had turned in the worst pitching performance ever.

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