Movies and Mother's Day

We played it calm and relaxing this weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. We stayed up late and slept late. We played in the yard, and grilled out burger and brats.

And we caught up on some movies, which are filling our DVR for the rare nights we have nothing else to occupy us.

Friday night, we watched "Valentine's Day." ... Aside from the fact the film is stacked with star power -- seriously, look at this cast listing -- it's like a Valentine's Day version of "Love Actually." Only it's not nearly as compelling or charming, the web of connected people is wider, and it doesn't take place in England.

Saturday night, we watched "The Hangover." You know, that movie that made gazillions in theaters last summer and was billed as the funniest film in the history of cinema?

Two words: So overrated.

We should have known better. I had the same That was a waste of time feelings after seeing "Old School" and "Wedding Crashers." I'm no prude, but seriously, how was that sooo funny? And am I the only one that remembers the very similar "Very Bad Things?"

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