Memorial Day weekend

Random Memorial Day weekend thoughts …

Summer has officially begun. We celebrated by basking in beautiful weather all weekend, and sleeping in for the first time in ages. After the school year Kates and I just completed, it feels as though we're catching up on years worth of sleep.

Kates and I are looking forward to actually having a summer this year. Because last year's summer was marred by moving, Phoebe's hospital stay, and then the school year started.

Phoebe has watched "Toy Story 3" almost non-stop since last weekend … It seems like every time I turn around that dang monkey is screeching.

We settled into the house a little more this weekend.

Outside, in the process of building a platform for our new outdoor storage box, I discovered and unearthed a handful of concrete blocks buried under the grass. And I dug out dozens of bricks from beneath our deck that I can incorporate into the landscape. ... I told Kates last weekend, regarding my never-ending work to develop the perfect yard, it's officially on.

Inside, we have yet to organize our living room shelves. Or hang many things on the walls. ... But I made a lot of headway in the basement, painting the storage closet and clearing some major space in the future home of my baseball museum.

Phoebe spent most of the weekend in her swimsuit. We pulled out her pool for the first time Sunday afternoon. She played in it today, too. And blew lots of bubbles.

In so many ways, Phoebe seemed to grow up overnight this weekend. Her maturity and understanding of the world around her never ceases to amaze us. ... For awhile now, she's been pinning a "Why?" on almost every statement Kates or I make to her. But this weekend, Phoebe started responding to the answers to the whys with an "Oh," a pause, an approving nod and then, "I see."

Phoebe also resumed sleeping in her big bed last night. She had slept in her play tent every night since Joel presented it to her Easter weekend as a birthday present. ... This morning she appeared at Kates' bed side, as usual, to make it known that she was awake. But today, she greeted Kates by saying, "Mommy, I slept in my big bed all night!"

It's been fun. But now it's time for me to get to bed. I start work at 5 a.m. tomorrow.

Before I sign off, I give you this video I stumbled upon: A conversations with Bert, and Andy Samberg. Funny.

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