Super Sunday!

The party started almost as soon as we arrived home from church. ... Yes, we had church today in Missouri. Unlike some Wisconsin churches.

Kates' parents are here for the weekend (Their visit was planned before we knew the Packers were in the Super Bowl) and we've got the whole clan dressed in Packers gear.

We've even got Choe in green and yellow.

I was dressed in Bearcat gear -- still green -- for the other wins. God, I hope I'm not jinxing it by wearing a Packers sweatshirt instead of Bearcat sweatshisrt today.

After I posted the line a couple weeks ago about the Dead Bird Epidemic, my pops delivered this one from one of his coworkers:
When does 4+4+4+4 equal 12? ... Answer: 4 Favre as a Falcon + 4 Favre as a Packer + 4 Favre as a Jet + 4 Favre as a Viking equals 12 Rodgers.
Go Packers.

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