Snow days, continued

In a town containing a disproportionate number
of college professors and school teachers,
a heavy winter blizzard really is a snow day.
Morning traffic shrinks to little more than a trickle,
and entire neighborhoods figuratively yawn, stretch
and punch in to the Internet while having a second cup
of coffee over a leisurely breakfast.

-- From the top story about The Blizzard of 2011 in yesterday's local newspaper.

After three days of school cancellations, I returned to work today, and Phoebe was back at daycare.

Kates stayed home for a fourth consecutive day. Snowmageddon 2011 continues for her.

Just as fascinating to me as this once-in-a-lifetime snowstorm is that we learned three out of four nights that Kates' school was closed ... via a local newspaper's Twitter posts. Seconds after seeing the news there, Kates' phone would ring with the official announcement.

Today's reason behind her snow day was that the county's rural roads weren't yet cleared. And tomorrow she was scheduled for an off day anyway.

A whole week without school for Kates. So much for not having a spring break.

Tonight, Kates' parents are with us. Their visit had been planned for weeks before this storm hit, and somehow they still made it, leaving early this morning and arriving around 5:30 tonight.

Tomorrow, Phoebe gets to stay home again with Grandma and Grandpa. Saturday, we'll hang around town and catch the University basketball game in the afternoon. Sunday we'll head to church ...

Then, we'll be all over the Super Bowl. (Insert theme for Monday Night Football on ESPN)

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