Happy Valentine's Day

I arrived home around 5:30 tonight after another draining day of work ...

As usual, Phoebe was at the top of the stairs, ready and excited to greet me. We embraced and she ran off to retrieve the sock monkey Kates gave her this morning as a Valentine's Day present -- the newest stuffed love of her life. Then she had to show me the bags of candy and valentines she got from her preschool pals today.

I met Kates in the kitchen, where, as usual, we hashed out our days in the kitchen while she cooked dinner. Tonight's menu: chicken, pasta and garlic toast.

We opened our pile of mail; today the mailbox was stuffed full of Valentine's Day cards. Phoebe delighted in opening her cards, tearing away the paper envelopes into small pieces before shoving each card into my face for me to read to her.

Now we're viewing "Enchanted" with Phoebe a-gain. When it's over, Kates will give Pheebs her bath, and I'll be tuning into the Kansas-Kansas State game.

Once Phoebe is in bed, Kates and I will be on the couch, watching the game together; she'll be grading papers, and I'll be reading or writing news material.

So romantic.

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