This hasn’t been the greatest week.

It seems as though every man, woman and child in ’The Ville is feeling under the weather.

Co-workers in my office have been in and out all week.

We had to keep Phoebe home from school one day last week because she came down with strep throat. This week, she’s complaining every few minutes that her tummy hurts and her coughing is painful to hear. … The inner debate of do we or don’t we take her to the doctor never ceases. Stupid insurance copay.

Lately, I’m waking up with headaches. A myriad of issues are keeping me awake at night. Work politics. House hunt quandaries. … And I’ve had a couple dreams that are eerily similar to the epic wolf dream that was an impetus for this whole adventure.

Kates, who hasn’t been feeling well either, did check in with the doctor. Turns out she has a hole in her ear drum. Whatever that means.

The doctor instructed her to take Sudafed twice a day. Take an antibiotic three times a day. And blow up a balloon four times a day. Seriously.

Oh, and she’s supposed to pat her stomach with her left hand and pat her head with her right hand. While jumping on one leg. Five times a day.

All of this has had me thinking a lot ... Well, I won't admit what I've been thinking.

Things will get better. Suck it up. Persevere.

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