Interpretations of Jesus

So Phoebe has developed an interest in Jesus lately …

It began earlier this spring when Kates’ mother gave Phoebe a children’s book that plays “Jesus Loves Me” when you open the cover. The book proceeds with a series of pictures of Jesus interacting with children and the lyrics of “Jesus Loves Me” playing out on the pages. All of the pictures show the adult, bearded Jesus smiling with children, but for a long time Phoebe pointed to the pictures and proclaimed, “Baby Jesus crying!”

Last weekend, Phoebe was obsessed again with a picture of Jesus in my grandmother’s home. I wasn’t there, but the story as told to me went a little like this: My father was playing with Phoebe in the back yard, and every few minutes she’d want to go into the house, saying “I go see Jesus!” Then she’d find the picture of Jesus, point to it and shout “Jesus!” … Go back outside, play with my dad and repeat.

Now, yesterday. During our road trip to Wausau, I spotted a bumper sticker and read it aloud. “Jesus is a liberal!”

“Nice,” I said. Kates laughed.

Then Phoebe shouted from the back seat, “No, no, Daddy! Jesus is a boy!”

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