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So I read a good story today about the trend in sitcoms built on the mockumentary format, and the observation that we never see the camera crews in any of the shows …
"... who is on the other end of the camera when Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim and Pam Halpert, and the other employees of Dunder Mifflin confess their innermost thoughts on "The Office"? And what sort of fictional camera crew, making what sort of film, would find itself limitlessly interested in one Leslie Knope of the Pawnee, Ind., "Parks and Recreation" department?"
Interestingly, I had a brainstorm this morning about exactly that and what the finale of “The Office” -- when that day comes -- might look like … Don’t ask me why I thought of it. The thought just entered my brain. Probably from doing a catch-up marathon of “Modern Family” episodes late last night.

For “The Office” finale, why not show the camera crews wrapping up and leaving Scranton? … Although that would alter the dynamic of the show if we’re suddenly seeing a bunch of cameramen around the office. And then we’d probably be asking ourselves, Who’s filming the cameramen?

Or … Or! The finale could be the finished product. The complete fictional documentary that the film crew would produce after spending the last four, five, six -- however long it’s been -- years filming in Scranton. Dunder Mifflin's culture from beginning to end. … Although that would require NBC to dedicate something like a two-hour movie timeslot for the finale, which would seem unlikely.

The whole brainstorm appeared better in my head.

* * *

Speaking of “The Office,” there’s been some rumblings lately that Steve Carell could be leaving the show.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about that.

But EW recently made a good case for a reboot of “The Office” if Carell does leave ... My vote is for Ricky Gervais to move into the Scranton branch.
* * *

Heroes” got canceled this week.

And I got reaffirmation that I right to stop watching the show when I did. It's about time.

The first season was so, so glorious (Take a look at that post. Geez, how wrong was I about "30 Rock"!?) ... The rest of the "Heroes" lifespan -- um, not so much.

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