Idol ... um

Forty-eight hours later, I’m still processing Sunday night’s “Lost.” Just the thought of it still excites me.

Tonight‘s “American Idol” hasn’t even ended, and I’m ready to turn off the TV, never to watch the show again. Seriously.

A fitting final performance night to what has been a dud of a season. The performances were good, but hardly the best we’ve seen from the two finalists, I thought.

Not to take anything away from Crystal Bowersox. After her performances tonight -- from my favorite of the season, “Me and Bobby McGee” to her passionate “Up to the Mountain” -- she’s the clear-cut winner.

And Lee DeWyze is a nice, talented dude who no doubt has a bright career ahead of him. But he was really lacking punch tonight, and all of his wailing and moaning is starting to get a little grating.

The worst offense of tonight’s performance night -- aside from the love fest that was pouring from the judges table -- was the revelation that this year's winner won’t be releasing an original song as his or her first single. Nope, whoever wins will be releasing songs already made popular by other artists … And Lee, if he wins, will release U2’s “Beautiful Day” !?! So not cool, dude.

The awfulness that was Kara DioGuardi’s attempt at penning a hit single for winner Kris Allen last year has been blogged to death … But c’mon! The number of lip-synched performances this season was bad enough. Does the show not have any integrity left?

How about allowing Crystal to sing her heartfelt original "Holy Toledo" and letting her release that as a first single!?

And now the minds behind “Glee” expect me to watch a Lady Gaga-themed episode?

I’m tuning out.

* * *

I missed last Tuesday night's performances, and caught them all on YouTube later.

On Wednesday night, I'll admit, I did tear up a little seeing the montages of Crystal in Toledo and Lee in Chicago -- two wonderfully talented and charming people visiting two cities that hold a special place in my heart for varying reasons.

Here's a good read and news video detailing Crystal's hometown visit.

Here's a good read and amateur video detailing Lee's hometown visit.

Here's a good read about Idol culture from the great Michael Slezak.

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