Glee times

So I spent most of last night’s “Glee” episode (which was much improved musically from the episodes of the last couple weeks) on YouTube.

I recently read that Glee’s Brittany, aka Heather Morris, is quite the dancer. That she’d toured with Beyonce. And that videos of their performances can be found on YouTube.

Which of course can turn into hours of endless, time-wasting fun, clicking from video to related video to related video … and so on.

I started with this … Ms. Morris is hidden in the back of the crowd for the first half of the video before taking center stage with another dancer. It’s kind of charming to see her dancing with these kids during a workshop.

That led me to this one, which shows Ms. Morris in action at the 2008 American Music Awards.

And finally, the best for last, a rehearsal video featuring Beyonce singing with the live band. The raw sound of the band is mesmerizing, and I almost prefer this version to the album cut. I wanna know where I can get it!

And now I’ve had “Single Ladies” in my head all day.

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