Ode to my apartment

This week I'm saying goodbye to the old apartment ...

In the nearly five months I spent in my return to apartment living, I never once posted about my experiences here ...

What can I say? I've had few complaints.

I was lucky. Lucky enough after I accepted this adventure last December that my new friend Gina was able to put me in touch with someone who had a quiet, affordable, kempt apartment available for me.

The place was decent, not great. I had all the space I needed. A washer and dryer. A dishwasher that I only used once because I never dirtied enough dishes by myself (The one time I did use it, the door got stuck.).

Sure, the walls were so paper thin that I had the luxury of falling asleep each night to my neighbor's snoring and coughing and waking up in the morning to the same neighbor's TV blaring "The Early Show" ... And there was the guy down the hall who preferred to park his moped in the hallway, thus stinking up the place with nauseating gasoline ... And there was the one night -- only one, which must be a record for apartment living -- that my neighbors had their hip hop music so loud I couldn't think.

It could have been a lot worse. Living in a college town, I could have been coming home every night to thumping bass shaking the building and shirtless, pant-sagging boys gallivanting in the hallway.

Prior to arriving here, I was having flashbacks of my college apartment -- where the floor sloped, the roof leaked so badly that my roommate and I got to experience a waterfall between our bedrooms every time it rained, we refused to use the oven for fear it would explode, we sat at our dining table and watched mice crawl from the floor register ... The place was on the verge of collapsing when we moved out of it 8 1/2 years ago, and yet it's still standing today -- and looking worse yet.

Yep, my last five months could have been a lot worse.

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