Getting "Lost"

My TV-watching has fallen way down this spring.

And yet, I’m hardly sad about that. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything important …

Unless we’re talking about “Lost.”

It’s the last season. Huge. And it’s of the utmost importance to me -- important in TV Land terms, anyway -- to see how these mysterious island shenanigans are going to end.

I’ve settled into a routine of catching the show online each Wednesday night as my last duty before I fall asleep.

I wasn’t so sure I was going to be satisfied with this final season as I watched the first few episodes of the season. … But some ah-ha! moments during the last few episodes have made this long haul much more fulfilling -- particularly the revelation that the being inhabiting Locke was also appearing as Jack’s dad during that mind-blowing first season, and that the whispers in the jungle were coming from people who weren’t ready to leave.

I’ll also admit, I was pleased to see Ilana blown to bits … I never connected with her character and thought she brought down every scene in which she appeared.

The turning point of the season, for me, was “Happily Ever After.”

The Desmond storyline was the kind of plot development I’d been wanting all season, and I was relieved to see some of the survivors seeing flashbacks of their island lives in their sideways lives. If their island recollections were completely lost, then I really would have felt let down. That said, Desmond is arguably my favorite character to watch right now.

Last night's shocker episode? I can only describe it as a doozy ... Sayid: Gone. Sun: Gone. Jin: Gone.

Here's a good read about the episode: 'Lost' producers, actors speak about tonight's 'they did not just do that!' shockers

Here's a roundup of where the characters stand.
Check out this video spoof I stumbled on a couple weeks ago after we saw Miles and Sawyer in their sideways lives as cops. Good stuff … (on a great “Lost” blog, by the way)

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