Good-bye Gokey

We've just watched Danny Gokey sing his stirring version of “You Are So Beautiful” …

And now the local Fox station is live from a house where Danny’s family and friends were gathered to watch the show …

How … Ha … Wha … What just happened?

After last night, I thought for sure that Danny was a shoo-in for the finale … Then once, Ryan announced Kris for the finale, my heart was really pumping. My mind was getting giddy at the possibility of watching the judges -- mainly Kara -- writhing in horror when Ryan announced it would be Danny in the final, and not their boy Adam

Instead, Kates and I just sat in stunned silence when Adam got the nod.

We had gotten caught up in the hometown hubbub over Danny and in recent days it seemed only right to be rooting for him … After all, we totally welled up when they played the montage of Danny’s day in Milwaukee.

Ah, well. Danny’s career is just beginning, I’m sure.

A couple other notes from tonight’s show …

Jordin Sparks’ performance rocked. No doubt we’ll be hearing “Battlefield” all over the radio within a couple weeks.

And Katy Perry. Always entertaining and colorful. And right up Adam Lambert’s glam alley.


Matt and Lynne said...

I tihnk you're blinded by your Milwaukee roots. Gokey was a one-note, one-tune, one-pace wonder. A very good singer, but not as creative as the other two guys. Although the last show was the first time that we didn't like Adam.
Hey, fix your fantasy team, or trade me all your good players!

Matt and Lynne said...

Oh, and also, I forgot to post about this: for a person who judges singing competitions, Paula Abdul's "performance" was mouth-hanging-open-atrocious.
How much would you have given to hear Simon's critique of that?