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Just watched last night’s “American Idol”

Oh joy. Is this season-long spectacle of the over-the-top judges finished yet?

What? Three more episodes?

Ugh. I can hardly wait for the finale.

On with the show …

I know I've been going sour on Danny-boy the last couple weeks, and last week I thought he was done. But ...

Danny Gokey couldn’t have pulled off a better performance to open the show with Terrence Trent D’Arby’s “Dance Little Sister.” Like 99 percent of the people watching the show, I hadn’t heard of the song either. But I caught myself bobbing my head and tapping my feet within a few moments of the song. I loved it … And Kara and Simon are talking about his dancing!? Please.

The same goes for Danny’s take on “You Are So Beautiful.” It gave me chills and had me thinking mesmerizing. THAT is how to reinterpret a song.

* * *

Before I move on, a few notes about last Friday's Danny Gokey Day in Milwaukee ...

In a nutshell? It was pretty dang cool.

From the moment the sun appeared, it seemed, the region was buzzing. The Fox affiliate was all over it, of course and had him on their morning show. And the Milwaukee pop radio stations were gushing about all things Gokey ... I also had to chuckle when the station played three consecutive songs from "American Idol" contestants -- Daughtry, Jordin Sparks, David Cook.

As one radio DJ put it, the city was engulfed in Danny Gokey Day. A woman called the radio station to say a friend of hers cancelled his marriage proposal because of it. Babys were bound to be born and named Danny because of the day.

By 5, our house was tuned into the Fox station, which was broadcasting all the festivities live from the Summerfest grounds (ah, Summerfest ... Just over a month to go) ... For a stint on Friday morning, I thought about going for the spectacle. But I was too worried I'd waste the time driving up there, get stuck in traffic and end up being dissappointed. ... Turned out, the cushy front row seat on my couch at home worked just fine.

Once Danny finally got singing -- after seemingly every elected official but the governor handed him a proclamation -- it became no secret that he has the skills to get a crowd going. ... He knocked out a handful of his best songs from the show, including "P.Y.T" -- which thanks to Danny, I've had drifting in and out of my head for days -- some Stevie Wonder and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine."

So good that if I was a pre-teen girl, I might have cried.

By 7, he was singing a stirring rendition of the national anthem at the Brewers-Cubs game ... By the way, how awesome of a series was that!?

I digress ...

* * *

I thought Kris’s performance of “Apologize” was too safe. Then again, I’m not sure there’s a whole lot more he could have done with it. Randy and Kara are at fault for such a poor choice -- and way to go Simon for calling them out on their critique. …

Kris totally surprised me when he said he was pulling out Kanye’s “Heartless” … And I loved that he incorporated the guitar …

But -- I’m going all Randy here -- dudes, I really like Kris. But, yo dawgs, I just wasn’t feeling it.

I think he’s in danger tonight.

* * *

Adam Lambert’s “One”? Didn’t like it at all. I thought he ruined it … Where Kris might have been better off tinkering with “Apologize” a little more, Adam went way too far with his judges selection.

And was it our TV or are the Fox producers at it again with the subliminal messages and product placement? The lights reflecting off Adam Lambert’s ears during his performance of “One” totally made him look like Spock, a seductive ploy to make us see the new “Star Trek” movie.

His performance of “Cryin’ ” wasn’t half as bad … Except for the chorus that Adam pretty much gave away to a “fearsome howler monkey.”

I’m half hoping Adam gets voted off this week just to see Kara’s face when the results are revealed.

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