Idol finale time!

It’s “American Idol” Finale Night people!

The anticipation has been building all day. Let’s do this folks!

Forgive us, though, we’re starting about a half hour late tonight. But that’s the way we roll these days …

Quick dinner. Clean up the kitchen and wash the dishes while Phoebe plays. Get her ready for bed. Go outside to water the plants. Clean up Phoebe’s toys …

And here we are. Man, DVR is great.

7:32 … Ryan just opened the show with his classic THIS is American Idol! … Man, as much as we love to hate this show. That line and this night still gives me chills.

7:35 … From me to you, I’m loving the judges montage. Randy’s was the best

7:40 … We interrupt this program to rescue Phoebe. Apparently she hears us having fun with out her and she wants to watch American Idol too. … And now she’s playing with her music table. We’ll see how long she lasts …

7:42 … The top 13 are singing the big Pink song. I like it! … It’s always fun to see the old gang together again and looking good in the cool white outfits … Ah, thinking what could have been for Alexis Grace. And Megan Corkrey. ... And there’s Jorge, who’s probably thinking (with his giddy accent) ‘Oh my God! I can’t believe I’m up here again with all these people!’ ... Nice solo Jasmine Murray!

7:46 … David Cook is on the stage now. Soooo last year. ….Phoebe’s pressing the buttons on the DVR and threatening to pull the plug on our Idol-dom. Maybe she’s on to something …

7:50 … The awards portion! Yes! We missed this last year! … (Hey remember my personal fave -- guy with the really low voice -- Let my PEO-ple go!) … Geez, I barely remember any of these people. Still so funny, though! … Except for Nick Mitchell! Still bitter they even gave him a chance to perform beyond Hollywood week. … And of course he wins the award. This was probably so planned. … Oh, yep. It was planned. … Phoebe’s doing laps in front of us and waving pieces of paper. That’s more entertaining than Nick … Ah! But Ryan with Nick’s glasses and headband -- that’s good!

7:56 … Lil Rounds with Queen Latifah. Eh. … I enjoy Queen Latifah, but she makes Lil look like a 12-year-old. Kates just said: She could pretty ch eat her for dinner. …Whoah, Kates!

8:00 … Alexis Grace and Anoop on Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours!” Nice!! … Oh! And there’s Jason himself!! (I saw him!!) Awesome!! … Great stuff! We’re only a half hour in, but that may be my performance of the night.

8:05 … Kris Allen is up with Keith Urban now. Cool, I’m liking this …Nice guitar solo Mr. Urban … Phoebe just laid flat on the floor. I think that mean’s time for bed … Commercial break!

8:13 … The girls are singing Fergie now … They look better than they’re singing. Doesn’t look like they got very much time to rehearse their dance moves either. Yikes! … Oh, Fergie dear, I liked you better with lighter hair … Hey, and it’s the rest of the Black Eyed Peas! Nice! … Did they just bleep Fergie with the blue American Idol screen!?

8:17 … Ah, the awards for the girls. Can you say Tatiana!? … Oh, and Bikini Girl! Another one that never should have gotten as far as she did … Alexis Cohen, ah yes … Tiffany Shed, yep. And her mom ‘feeling it’ Oh, I forgot how good that was! …. No Tatiana!?! … And the winner is: Bikini Girl. Oh, lord. You think she had some work done? … Ryan says: “I was going to ask you what’s new, but I think I know.” HA-larious!!

8:22 … Taking a Phoebe break again. Maybe she wasn’t ready for bed after all. … Reviewing earlier A.I. posts while I wait for Kates to get Phoebe settled down. Here’s my opener for the season -- when I actually thought Kara was enhancing the show.

8:37 ... Phoebe's still wailing. This isn't like her. Something's not right tonight.

8:43 ... Ok, we're back. ... Back to Bikini Girl. And they're letting her sing -- it's stil awful ... Just when I was going to wonder out loud why they weren't showing Kara, and out she comes ... Nice, Kara. Nice.

8:47 ... Allison with Cyndi Lauper! Love it!! ... Reminsicent of Brooke White with Graham Nash at last year's finale. What a moment for Allison. ... Mmm, awesome.

8:52 ... Here's Danny singing Lionel Richie's "Hello" -- which will forever remind me of David Cook's stellar Season 7 version ... Now Lionel's joining Danny ... ALL NIGHT LONG!! I'm getting up to dance in the middle of our living room, or maybe I'll dance to the kitchen for a drink of water. It's hot here tonight ...

8:56 ... We've hit the 1:15 minute mark now in the show -- on our DVR. Meanwhile, in real time the Idol could be announced at any moment ... Then again, it'll probably be another 20 minutes since Ryan warned us last night that the show was going to go over-time. I just set our DVR to record an hour extra to be sure ...

8:59 ... Adam's singing. What's more, what is he wearing?

9:00 ... One word: Kiss.

9:05 ... Not really a fan of Carlos Santana .... Until he pulls out "Smooth," of course! Aw yeah!! ... Hey, it's all the idols again. Cool.

9:09 ... I knew Kris and Adam were getting cars. ... Megan, Michael Sarver -- and Steve Martin?! Nice! ... They sound good. ... I just noticed that they put Megan on a stool -- so she couldn't do her crazy little dance.

9:12 ...The guys doing "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy." Eesh ... This is like something you'd see at my alma mater's Homecoming Variety Show. .... And here comes Rod. Gotta love the mandolin opening for "Maggie."

9:16 ... It's dragging Rod. Now I'm really getting that glass of water ... And a bowl of ice cream.

9:18 ... Oh good, more awards! ... I don't remember any of these girls, either ... Ah, there's Tatiana! ... TATIANA gets the award!! ... The 'Saving All My Love For You' bit -- nice!

9:25 ... Kris and Adam together on "We Are the Chamions." Really? ... Aw c'mon Queen is there!?! Ok, this is pretty sweet.

9:29 ... Ok, here we go. Ryan says this is it. But how much do you wanna bet, it's another 20 minutes before he actually announces the results.

9:30 ... Wow. My heart's racing ...

YES!!!! ... I knew it!!!!

9:33 ... Whoah, man. ... Now we're being subjected to Kara's "No Boundaries" hurricane song again -- but at least it's Kris's version!

Ah, bliss. ... I think Kates and I seriously lifted our roof with our unison YES! and high fives when the winner was announced.

I tell ya what, you Americans. You know how to get it right. Last year David Cook over David Archuleta. And this year Kris Allen over Adam Lambert.

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