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Truth be told, after Tuesday's night show I thought Danny Gokey would be getting the boot this week.

Alas, it was sweet, talented Allison Iraheta who got knocked out. Dang.

Go crazy, Milwaukee. You're getting your Danny Gokey Day ... The local Fox station was on it and pouring out all the details the minute last night's elimination show ended.

For the record ...

Danny's performance of Aerosmith's "Dream On" was easily the worst performance of the night. Brutal, actually. (For the rest of my life that song will have me recalling Train's awesome cover of it ...)

Allison's version of "Cry Baby" and Kris's performance of "Come Together" were my favorites ... even though the judges thought they were, as Simon might say, indulgent rubbish. Long before Allison snapped at the judges for suggesting she sing Janice's "Piece of my Heart," I was yelling at the judges myself.

Allison's elimination performance last night, by the way, was melt-your-heart awesome. Afterward, Kates and I marveled in unison: That girl's career is just beginning.

Both of the duets -- Kris and Danny on ''Renegade," and Allison and Adam on ''Slow Ride -- were lame. Sure, Adam and Allison did the superior performance of the two, but it was little more then them repeatedly screaming "Slow Ride! Take it easy!"

Speaking of lame perfomances, Paula Abdul was so lip-synching.

It was pretty sweet to see No Doubt back together again.

Kara's judging may be the single reason I avoid watching "American Idol" next season -- that is, if she does return. Her orgasm over Adam's performance and her music knowledege (To Danny: "I see you more early Aerosmith — 'Cryin',' 'Crazy' ") were ... I have no words to describe her antics.

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Matt and Lynne said...

I don't understand the Gokey love. I'm not saying he's bad - he's not - but he's very one dimensional. And through the whole show the judges seemed unreasonably hard on Allison. They talked more about her outfits (which were cool) than her singing (which was cool).
Gokey goes next, I hope. But Adam has won me over, of course. He's awesome.