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Some good reading from last night's Idol finale ...

... Allen throws a wrench into expected `Idol' outcome

Conversely, Lambert's commanding vocal range and stage presence _ and the judges' lavish adoration _ at times turned "Idol" into "The Adam Lambert Show," with the other contestants mere guests. But it turned out that "Idol" viewers could embrace a gifted performer like Lambert, one who sported black nail polish and bold self-assurance, only to a point.

... ‘Idol’ Machine Cranks Out a New Star

“American Idol” matters not just as a pop culture phenomenon, but as an institution that works — with scary efficiency — at a time when so many other American enterprises seem flawed or imperiled. It stands out this season in particular: “American Idol” is a money-making machine in the middle of a worldwide recession, an old-fashioned must-see television hit at a time when the Internet and cable have eaten away at the networks’ hegemony.
... Sealed With a Kris

Today, there'll be more talk about this being the latest red state/blue state battle -- such as Republican strategist Todd Harris did on CBS's "The Early Show" yesterday morning, as in: "You've got these more liberal elites who live on each coast, represented by Adam, and then Kris represents what those on the coast refer to as the flyover states."

... And for good measure here's EW's Michael Slezak's live blog of the finale and his final show wrap.

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