Sunday reading

... My Bearcats are heading back to the National Championship game for the fourth year in a row after a thorough whumping of North Alabama yesterday ...

... My favorite song of the week is Jem's "I Wish;" Kates, Pheebs and I danced our hearts out to it in the kitchen last night ...

Good times. Now, if only the termperature outside this weekend wasn't so darn cold ...

Here's some of the reading material that caught my interest during the last week ...

Sports ...
a First NFL game in 3-D fumbles, then recovers
a Sabathia Is Keeping Yanks’ Offer in His Pocket ... You go, C.C. I will always respect the player who goes where he feels comfortable, not where the money is. If he feels comfortable in New York, fine. But I'm not getting that's the case; I'm a strong believer he could still end up in Milwaukee.
a Now, Red Sox fans can prove their undying loyalty ... Another crazy marketing scheme, and I'm sure Cubs fans won't be far behind.

Politics ...
a I'm Really Gonna Miss Systematically Destroying This Place ... By George Bush, from The Onion
a Trading The Talk for The Walk? Host's Political Hopes Put MSNBC on the Spot
a The Real Bill Ayers ... By Bill Ayers
a Obama has the 'Look' ... Kates and I were just talking about this a couple weeks ago. With John McCain, it was 'My friends ...' With Obama, it's 'Look ...'
a No messing around when it comes to Obama motorcade ... fascinating stuff.
a Oogedy-Boogedy in the Bloxicon ... By Kathleen Parker
a Kennedy and N.Y. Governor Discuss Clinton's Senate Seat
a Performance artist has 530 messages to give to Obama
a Tapped Out ... My thoughts exactly. I get the e-mails, too.

Internet & the Media ...
a Puckishly Conquering a Facebook Pinnacle ... No one should have 5,001 friends on Facebook.
a Facebook Aims to Extend Its Reach Across the Web
a Amy Jacobson's story: The tale of the tape
a Live, From Carnegie Hall: It's the YouTube Symphony Orchestra ... So cool!

Music ...
a Chicago band uses digital savvy to promote album
a The Kennedy Center Honors: Roger Daltrey & Pete Townshend ... A well-deserved honor for the boys. The Post also provided some interesting outtakes here.
a College Radio Maintains Its Mojo
a Neko Case talks farm, Middle Cyclone

Entertainment ...
a Jennifer Aniston: A Fresh Start With 'Marley & Me'
a What Tina Wants ... Man, I admire Tina Fey ...

Life & other stuff ...
a American Airlines Now Charging Fees To Non-Passengers ... Laugh out loud funny, from The Onion.
a One that didn't get away yields long-lost ring ... From my friend Raechel.
a A day they'll never forget: Few remain to mark 67th anniversary of attack on Pearl Harbor
a In Hard Times, Is Best Buy’s Best Good Enough?
a Christmas miracle in the works
a Hey, Detroit: There is a right way to jet set ... great read.
a College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S. ... depressing read.
a I-PASS user takes on tollway over erroneous 30-cent charge ... You've got to admire this woman.

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