Seattle mess

Kates and I watched Thursday's “Grey’s Anatomy” last night

Come on. Five minutes in, and I was totally turned off …

Lexie and the whole lip reading thing at the beginning of the episode was, yes, totally “bogus.” And dumb …

And then the idea of the Chief sending Lexie to break the news on who got the solo surgery? Even worse, the show pulled some kind of stunt by having Lexie point her finger at the winner, but not show who she was pointing at? Come. On.

Eventually, we found out Christina was a unanimous choice to get the solo surgery … But, oh wait, she was deemed ineligible, so the Chief once again fails to show any leadership skills, cops out on another major decision and puts its on Christina’s shoulders to decide who should get the surgery. And thus we were forced to watch the Grey’s gang kiss up to Christina and gush about how each was the most qualified …

Sexie Sadie. Yeah, she sure made a quick recovery after nearly dying at the hands of the interns’ cutting club.

And why, oh why, oh why! is Denny still around!?

And why is Dr. Dixon still around for that matter, too? After she told off Bailey a couple weeks ago and spouting off about how uncomfortable she was around the Seattle Grace staff, we were teased into thinking she would never show her face at that hospital again. Crazy me for actually believing the show couldn’t bring Dixon back, because it never happens that way when Grey’s Anatomy introduces a new character.

Stupid show.

That I continue watching for reasons I can’t explain.

At least the music’s consistently rocks.

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