When it rains ... it snows

It's snowing today.

I don't need to say anything else.

(Ok. I hate it. The whole far-reaching slushy mess. We've only got a couple inches, but it's the worst slop you've ever driven in and the roads have been turned into a giant skating rink)

* * *

I was driving Phoebe to the daycare this morning when the news was announced on the radio ...

In unison, myself and the morning show hosts I was listening to let out a long "Whooooooooaaaaa."

I think we spoke for the state of Illinois and all of Chicagoland.

* * *

I've been on a pretty good Ingrid Michaelson kick this week ...

Part of it stems from downloading her new album a couple weeks ago. It's a wonderful and beautiful collection of new stuff, acoustics, covers and live takes -- a lot of which we were lucky to hear when we saw Ingrid last summer. "The Chain" is one of those songs that will melt and warm your heart all at once; I remember loving it at her show and it's great to hear it on the album.

Reason No. 2 for my Ingrid kick: I can't get "Be OK" out of my head ... along with the Borders video she did for the song. So cool!

I played it for my friend Laura last week, and a couple minutes later she announced, "Yeah, now I can't get it out of my head."

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