Snow date

I’ve gotta start marking Dec. 1 on our calendar …

For snow.

We went to bed last night knowing it was coming …

Which meant I slept lightly last night, half dreading that I’d have to shovel and half dreading that I’d have to get up early to do it …

I was awake at 6 and out the door about five minutes later … For my first shoveling spree of this winter.

Luckily we only got a couple inches.

I hate snow.

But I have to pretend to like it. For Phoebe.

I realized later today that it’s snowed on this date for each of the last four years … Last year, I learned from looking back at our office archives, only gave us a couple inches, but it created havoc for cars on the roads.

And 2006. How could we forget that 17-inch whopper.

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