Sunday reading

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving ...

Here's some of the stories I took an interest in during the last week ...

Sports ...
a Mitchell thinks drug use down in MLB
a In Detroit, Tradition Takes a Hike

Music ...
a 2008 American Music Awards: The Best and Worst
a Digital Sales Surpass CDs at Atlantic
a Austin tries to keep title of 'live music capital'

Movies ...a 'Christmas Story' fans celebrate film's 25th year
a Chenoweth Has Christmas Covered ... Ah, Kristin Chenoweth. Chirpy!
Politics ...
a Obama team delivers a changeup in news conference seating
a Barack Obama chafes inside the 'bubble'
a BlackBerry vs. the bubble
a Change From the Top
a The true school scandala Send Bill Clinton to the Senate
a Obama steps forcefully into vacuum
a White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters
a The White House: An Operating Manual

Media & the Internet ...
a Facebook broke my heart ... I'll admit it, there are old girlfriends and flames on my Facebook. Each hold a special part of my past, and it's been a thrill for me to reconnect with them, too, and see what they're doing now ... But there are lines you shouldn't cross.
a Friends in a Facebook World
a Online networks have rendered reunions obsolete
a Dine-and-dash gang nabbed via Facebook ... From my friend Raechel.
a Woman who won a date is suing Waukegan radio station ... This is crazy. Why, why why! would the radio station not do a background check on the guy!?
a Woman Guilty of Minor Charges for MySpace Hoax ... Crazy, interesting stuff.
a A Penny for My Thoughts?

Technology ...a No Keyboard? And You Call This a BlackBerry?

Life & other stuff ...a The Car of the Future -- but at What Cost?
a Back to the old toy box: In hard times, parents and retailers turn to tried-and-true favorites
a Reducing costs 1 word at a time
a A president named Obama changes the name game
a Frank Gehry: The Starchitect's Best Work May Turn Out Not to Look Much Like Him
a Louisville drops Who-ville Christmas display at behest of Dr. Seuss lawyers
a Area Man Shocked To See His Elementary School Has A Website ... From The Onion.

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