Sunday reading

Some of the reads that caught my eyes during the last couple weeks ...

Baseball ...
a Rooftop seats a big hit with fans, management
a Cubs fans: Keep your eye on the ball, not on history
a Such Sweet ReliefForget the curses, the billy goats and the Bartmen—let's deal in the rational world: The Cubs are the most complete club in baseball ...

Olympics ...
a Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin have friendly rivalry
a Olympics coverage heavy on gizmos

Movies ...
a 'The Rocker' shows off Rainn Wilson's Dwight stuff

TV ...
a Olympic TiVo relay team nears the finish line
a Craig Ferguson Refreshes Late Night With "An Hour Unlike Other Talk Shows"
a Heigl takes heat for blunt comments
a Aaron Sorkin Announces New 'West Wing' Animated Series At SorCon ... Pretty good. From The Onion.

Music ...
a Rapper Ice Cube talks about the 20th anniversary of N.W.A's 'Straight Outta Compton'
a After a year, The Police end comeback tour in NYC
a Brian Wilson feeling sunny about new album

Technology ...
a Photosynth uses lots of photos to put you amid a 3D scene
a Microsoft Live Labs Creates Web ‘Synth’ For 3-D Photo Tour

Politics ...
a Fashion Designers Hope to Stitch Up an Obama Win
a Memo From a Poison Penn
a The plight of the lame duck
a Is McCain '08 channeling Dole '76?

Life & other (crazy) stuff ...
a In Rural Missouri, The Place to Bring Your Cents of Humor
a Walls That Talk, and Repeat Themselves
a Chicago area's first Sonic Drive-In finally opens Tuesday
a Potter, Leno, Favre are constants for Class of '12: Yearly list offers a glimpse at the world according to college freshmen ... A good one, compliments of my friend Raechel.
a Even if you look drunk at a game, you can likely keep buying booze, says study of sports stadiums ... Interesting, sad and true.
a Four ears make Downers Grove cat an Internet star
a Purple Prose? His Is Truly Bruising
a Woman arrested, booked over library fines

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