Sunday reading

Here's some the good reads I came across during the last week ...

Sports ...
a What should Oklahoma City's nickname be
a Manny beginning new chapter in Dodger blue
a Take your pick: Manny deal produced winners all around
a Handicapping pennant races after deadline
a Inside the GM's office: Anatomy of a deadline deal
a July trades reshape division races

Politics ...
a Why nothing the press throws at Obama sticks
a Hopium helps you forget several unpleasant facts
a AdWatch: McCain ad casts Obama as empty celebrity ... this one had me laughing out loud when I saw it this week.

Music ...
a Independent Acts Turn To Fans To Help Underwrite New CDs

TV ...
a Dustin Diamond to pen Saved By the Bell tell-all

Media ...
a Internet sites still blocked for Olympic reporters
a Sam Zell's Deal from Hell

The Onion ...
a New Linens-N-Shit Opens
a Favre: I've Always Had A Passion For Stopping Things, Then Starting To Do Things Again

Life & other stuff ...
a Advocates setting stage for Kenosha Theatre revival
a 10 great haunts for seekers of the paranormal
a Adventurer Steve Fossett's widow dismisses faked death claims
a Consenting to be abused
a You've got too much e-mail
a Chicago 2040 ... this is a fun look at Chicago in the future.

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