So I was having some crazy, random dreams last night …

… In one, I was trying to pour some cereal for breakfast, but I kept pulling bowls from the cupboard that were too big. They were like the size of mixing bowls, and every time I would finish pouring my cereal, I would step back and say something like ‘What the heck!?’ I couldn’t figure it out. It was excruciatingly frustrating … Eventually Kates came into the kitchen -- we were in a completely different house -- to see what all the fuss about, and I couldn’t explain it to her …

… In another dream, we were at a gathering with my extended family, this time in a dining area that I didn’t recognize. My mother, myself and my grandmother were sitting at a large dining room table as others sat to the side. The table was covered with family photos; I picked up and started thumbing photos of me as a toddler. Then my mother picked up a large, recent family photo -- which in reality has never been taken. It was a picture of the Horns family gathered at a park for an outdoor picnic. My mother was suggesting my grandmother get an 8x10 print of the family photo, but my grandmother was adamant she wanted it in a poster size. "Ok," we told her, but it's probably going to be grainy and not reproduce as well" … That didn’t matter to Grandma.

And yet in another dream, I was driving a big pickup truck in the Wisconsin River. Several of my childhood friends were there -- now grown-up, of course -- and giving me a hard time for the driving … But with all the sandbars on the river, I was barely deep in the water. "What do you mean? I told the others, the Wisconsin River is made to drive through!"

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