Sunday reading

... I know. I've been slacking.

Here's some of the good reads I've come across the last several weeks.

Baseball & Sports ...
a 104-year-old Cubs fan wants to throw out first pitch during playoffs at Wrigley
a Edmonds winning over Wrigley fans ... I told you it would happen.
a Fukudome tops Cubs' list of problem areas
a Columnist Mike Nadel takes heat for Erin Andrews column ... I personally really enjoy Erin Andrew's commentary. Though I don't disagree with Trenni Kusnierek comments.
a Leyland shocked Sheffield is unhappy with his role ... I should've known Gary Sheffield wasn't going to retire happily with the Tigers.
a A Shutout at Cooperstown
a Why the Rays have what it takes to stay in the AL East race ... This one may not read as well now that Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria are out -- but it's still interesting considering the Rays' pitching.
a There's Something in the Air, Other Than Another Ball Headed for the Fence
a Fans cheer Favre during penalty lap

Music ...
a After 10 years, New Pornographers still search for their true identity
a Katy Perry never ‘Kissed a Girl’ ... Turns out more people do remember Jill Sobule's version other than me.
a Randy Newman, back in the saddle
a Dave Matthews tries to dispel fans' uncertainty
a Concert Era Draws To A Close As Rock Legends Age
a Still fabulous at 50: Pop icons Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson

TV ...
a The Office takes over the world
a Campaign underway to save Mister Rogers
a Characters may perish by ‘ER' end
a That 'Office' spin-off may be a little slow in coming
a NBC's plan for late night spurs question: What's Leno's future?

Movies & theater ...
a Rainn Wilson Is Ready to Rock
a Broadway-bound '13' explores teenage angst

The Internet & media ...
a Constructed Criticism: Just Hit 'Send' on Those Helpful Insults
a News Under Our Noses ... a good take on the media's reporting of the John Edwards affair.
a CNN, 'SNL' and TV Critics' Primary Concerns ... Ah, that was a great episode.

Life & other stuff ...
a Revelation About Singer Leaves That Syncing Feeling
a Children see man decapitate fellow passenger on Greyhound bus in Canada ... this, compliments of my corhort Nick, is plain awful.
a More hotels are evicting phone books from rooms
a Price Of Gas Rises To Four Expletives Per Gallon ... from The Onion.
a Johnson & Johnson Introduces 'Nothing But Tears' Shampoo To Toughen Up Newborns ... also from The Onion.
a Waterfalls make Oregon state park a photographer's paradise
a The Extreme Reality Makeover Show

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