Happy Days

... So Shawn Johnson finally got her gold medal tonight! And Nastia Liukin added another -- a silver -- to her load. Sweet.

But I could've told you that without watching the NBC coverage tonight.

... I was watching Sportscenter this morning when I caught Nastia's name scrolling in the bottom line. Curious of any news surrounding her, and still bewildered from last night's tie-breaker conundrum, I -- stupidly -- hit the rewind button on the DVR and ruined any ounce of surprise ...

BEAM: Shawn Johnson wins gold, Nastia Luikin wins silver


Then, I caught the headline on the Tribune's Daywatch, too ... though not as revealing. But it didn't matter ...

While you were sleeping: American gymnast took gold in beam finals

... And yet, none of that stole the excitement of watching the American girls duke it out on the beam tonight. Both of them have been so charming, and adorable, and fun to watch all week long, watching tonight and seeing Shawn finally snag a gold medal of her own still sent chills down our spines ...

* * *

Milwaukee got its Fonzie statue today. Pretty cool ... And the statue was done by a guy from Lake Mills. Even cooler.

Wish I could have been there.

... Kates had no idea that "Happy Days" was set in Milwaukee. Or even that "Laverne & Shirley" and "Mork & Mindy" were spin-offs of the show ...

C'mon, Kates. I did some 'splainin' and quickly pulled out the youtube clips for her ... Check out this classic -- featuring, I might add, Kenosha's own Al Molinaro as the shooting target.

And this next one brings all the world's together ... Oh, the star power standing together on that set ...

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