Sunday reading

Some of the headlines and stories that caught my eyes this week ...

Politics ...
a A Run, or the Runaround? Bloomberg, Other Non-Candidates Master Art of Being Vague

TV & movies ...
a FAME? PRICELESS: 'If celebrity is a credit card, then I'm using it,' George Clooney says of his Darfur campaign.
a Paying $1 million for Hilton interviews alarms journalist ethicists, rankles NBC employees
a Harry Potter book could spoil movie surprise, ticket sales
a Burnett remains powerful despite flops
a 'Sopranos' fans are either happy or angry about the show's lack of closure
a On 'Lil' Bush,' It's the Laughs That Are Tiny ... Yeah, so it's not great TV. But it's George Bush, and that makes it hard not to look away ...
a Steve Carell's course is to build an ark in 'Evan Almighty,' but he feels blessed to have a career that, he says, has no plan ... two of the highlights of my week were watching Carell yak it up with Jon Stewart and Conan O'Brien ...HA-larious.
a Bad guys on TV are just too good to miss

a Wood working: Gantner helps son, players hone their skills
a BARRY BONDS: A jerk? Maybe, but a great hitter for sure
a Hitting the ballparks: Annual trip to baseball stadiums goes far beyond watching the games ... a good read I got this weekend from my pops...
a Start of something good: Verlander's no-no may foreshadow future greatness

The Internet ...
a On 'fatblogs,' heavy people weigh in
a Ogled By Google: Is America's Favorite Search Engine Chugging Into Cyber Privacy?
a Web site devoted to gratitude keeps users focused on positive
a Conservapedia: online reference that's read from right to right

Music ...
a 'Live From Abbey Road' on Sundance Channel
a After an early peak, singer-songwriter Paula Cole walked away from it all. Now she's back.
a Here's to You, Paul Simon!
a Country's honky-tonk men live in a changing world

The rest of the stories ...
a Baby monitor picks up video from NASA
a Marking Time: Americans Gobble Up Anniversaries - Sad, Glad And Bad
a In Small Spaces, Big Challenges
a Calling all hippies: Summer of Love turns the big 4-0

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